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Whether looking for headshot, theatre, dance, children, family, event, wedding or fine art photography, you have come to the right place.

I have extensive experience on both sides of the casting table.  My insight will help you to find the shot that will work for you. 
I take the time to know your needs and what you have to offer.  A quality shot goes beyond the camera.  It must capture the individual and all they bring to the table. 
Make them want to see more.
Not an actor.  Not a problem.  Many business professionals are finding that a quality profile picture can give them an edge in today's world.  Be ahead of the curve and show prospective employers and customers a polished look that captures the essence of you.

My creative vision goes beyond the individual.  When capturing events, I bring a naturalistic view that brings you into the action.  I don't just capture people but the emotion of the moment and event.

My other passion is capturing the world around me.  People ask about my style. Every opportunity presents itself differently and I let the moment dictate how it is captured.  Every photo is like choreography in dance.  It has a beginning, middle and end.  Make sure your story is fully told. 


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Darin Chumbley

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